Welcome to the nite ize reseller portal

The Nite Ize Reseller Portal allows our customers to discover and explore the full range of Nite Ize products, streamline the ordering process and allows 24/7 access to do business anytime and place! The Nite Ize Reseller Portal is focused around a user-friendly interface, featuring comprehensive product search, easy item selection and order placement, and marketing resources. Sign up or log in below to unlock an entirely new way to maintain, expand, and review your Nite Ize orders.

We are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the Nite Ize brand, and to maintaining product margins for our valued retail partners. Please reach out to your salesperson for details on our Minimum Advertising Program and our Authorized Reseller Program. These programs have been implemented to protect the consumer experience and discourage price based advertising.

** For security reasons, please contact your salesperson to update your credit card or shipping information. **